Learning Lab Resources: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Reading Fluency Passages
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1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grade Reading Fluency Passages

Monitor reading comprehension in your classroom through the use of leveled reading fluency passages.  I created these passages using the new CCSS Lexile level standards for first through fourth grade.  In addition to the passages, you will find comprehension questions to assess your students' ability to comprehend what they are reading.  

I have these passages in four different sets and a bundle.  While each grade level set targets the Lexile level range for each grade, the bundle is perfect for differentiation!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BUNDLE - Reading Fluency Passages

        1st Grade - Reading Fluency Passages        2nd Grade - Reading Fluency Passages

        3rd Grade - Reading Fluency Passages        4th Grade - Reading Fluency Passages

Each passage contains three components - A teacher passage with numbered columns and a chart to record words correct and number of errors daily.  There is also a student copy which has a larger font for the students to read off of while you are recording on the teacher's sheet. Lastly, there is a reading comprehension sheet that contains three questions in a short answer format.

I also made some graphs for the students to record their cold and hot read in blue or red so they can keep track of their progress.  The first time the child reads would be the cold read and he/she will color in the graph in blue.  Then when the child practices and reads to you again, he/she will color in red their hot read.  It is really beneficial for students to keep track of their scores and see their progress.

Additionally, there is a weekly parent reading log.  It will help encourage parents to practice and record how they practiced the passage at home with their child.  All they have to do is have the child read to them,  read with the child, or read to the child.  The parent just has to circle the way they practiced and sign it each night.  I hope that this wouldn't take more than a few minutes a night.

For a free sample passage and set of comprehension questions for each grade level, click HERE.  

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