Learning Lab Resources: Surviving the Last Week of School - Free Project from Enchanted Learning
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Surviving the Last Week of School - Free Project from Enchanted Learning

So, last week was my last week of school.  Grades were already entered.  I finished teaching all the required curriculum.  Field Day and a Junior Achievement took up two full mornings, but I still had a lot of time to keep my students occupied, engaged, and under control.

The week before, I sat down and tried to think of a project that would, let's be honest, take up a lot of time.  I wanted it to be something that my kids would be interested in.  They have showed interest in making posters earlier in the year, so I figured this was the route to go.

I decided to take my 25 students and assign each of them two different states to research.  With the help of Enchanted Learning, they needed to read up about their state, create a State Wheel, color a state map and flag, and present all their information on a poster.  All of these can be printed out from Enchanted Learning's website for free!

The students put all their information on to a poster.  I really didn't offer them much guidance on their posters other than the states needed to be written on top, and the required information they printed must be placed on there.  Many students were so excited that they went home and printed out pictures in color to add to their posters and researched additional information about their states.

Here are some of the final posters.  I was actually really impressed on how they turned out, especially since we were in a hot classroom during the last few days of school.  Once all students finished their posters, they practiced presenting it with a partner, and then shared it with the whole class.

What did you do to keep your students learning up until the last day?

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  1. I assign a state project in the fourth quarter. I love the enchanted learning website! My students chose one state to research. They put all the information on a poster cut out of their state.